5 Tips For Making The Most Of Using Promotional Flyers For Your Business

No matter how big or small your business is or whether you are offering products or services, flyers can be a simple and cost-effective way to gain awareness. When done correctly, the use of flyers can easily allow your business to acquire new customers. Here are 5 tips for making the most of using promotional flyers for your business.

Your flyer should be simple and free of clutter. Many individuals attempt to get every single product or service they offer on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. The result is small unreadable text, a cluttered mess, and a generic look. Instead, you should try to focus on highlighting only a few or your main products or services.

If you have customer testimonials you should make room for them on your flyer. In fact, you can even go one step further and include testimonials on any marketing tools you use. Another great place to have testimonials is on your website.

Don’t go overboard with the designs you use on your flyer. Different assortments of colors and fonts can be off-putting with many individuals. You never want a potential customer to feel confused about what you are trying to communicate. Keep it simple by limiting your font usage to 1 or 2 different fonts.

Don’t print one flyer and then use it to make photocopies. We suggest using a print shop to print the full number of flyers you will be using to create awareness for your business. Using photocopies will only make you look like a business that is cheap and unprofessional. Galactica Print can help you find the best Houston print shop for your flyer printing needs. We want you to look as professional as possible to your potential clients.

Don’t forget important details. You might be surprised to learn that some businesses forget to put their phone number and address on the flyers they distribute. This can be a costly error. You should include a map whenever possible that will help your potential client visualize where you are located. Also, if you have a website you should include the URL so that the individuals who receive the flyer can learn more about your business online.

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