The Miracle of Printing

For thousands of years prior to the invention of the printing press, all works of writing could only be copied by hand or by inefficient forms of block printing, time-consuming and very expensive for the common people. The printing press dramatically reduced the time and expense of copying works, and paved the way for the “downloading” of knowledge.
Johan Gutenberg receives credit for creating the first printing press in 1450, and output of printed books skyrocketed into the hundreds of millions of copies during the following century. Information influenced every major cultural and political revolution for centuries. Religious philosophy, like that of Protestant reformer Martin Luther, were able to shape the history of the Western World, through the sale of hundreds of thousands of copies of printed work. No less significant was the impact of the printing press on scientific development as, for the first time, scientists could both educate and learn from an international community of peers through publication.

From posters to business cards and to full marketing campaigns and even from envelopes to office supplies like reams of paper other forms of printing, Galactica Printing can be your printing ally for all your company’s needs. It can be monochrome printing or color printing. It can be printing on plain paper or on glossy paper, or even on apparels used as office uniforms. Printing has also an important role in giving a new dimension to the presentation of promotional gift articles.

No company old or new will deny the importance and effect of imprinted promotional accessories in increasing their sales. Every company knows the benefits of promoting their services to expand their business, and to increase their visibility in the market. These imprinted personalized gift articles used for the purpose of promotion are quite capable of increasing the list of clientele for any company while increasing the sale of product. The imprinted personalized items certainly do have greater impact on the client as compare to plain item.
The color printed materials like posters and stickers draw the attention of many and help in advertising the business. The use of eye-catching designs and proper color combinations can have a very constructive effect on clientele. Vibrant colors makes the printed material look more interesting while Color printing helps to leave a long lasting impression on clients.
Business cards are the most effective promotional tools. A high quality of printing and professional look of the card plays a very important role in creating a good impression on one’s potential clients. When a company has correspondence with their client, they would prefer a letterhead with their company logo printed on it to promote themselves.

Article Written By: Jose Saenz

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