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20 Jan 2017

The Miracle of Printing

For thousands of years prior to the invention of the printing press, all works of writing could only be copied by hand or by inefficient forms of block printing, time-consuming and very expensive for the common people. The printing press dramatically reduced the time and expense of copying works, and paved the way for the “downloading” of knowledge. Johan Gutenberg receives credit for creating the first printing press in 1450, and output of printed books skyrocketed into the hundreds of […]

12 May 2016

The Top Reasons Why Brochures Are Still A Necessary Selling Tool For Your Business

Don’t underestimate the value of a sales tool that is tangible. Sometimes potential customers want to have a piece of paper they can hold onto and visit easily whenever they need to. The trick is to write well-written and appealing content that has a unique design so that the person receiving the postcard or brochure won’t want to throw it out. Some people don’t want to take the time to get on the computer just to find the number of […]