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20 Jan 2017

The Miracle of Printing

For thousands of years prior to the invention of the printing press, all works of writing could only be copied by hand or by inefficient forms of block printing, time-consuming and very expensive for the common people. The printing press dramatically reduced the time and expense of copying works, and paved the way for the “downloading” of knowledge. Johan Gutenberg receives credit for creating the first printing press in 1450, and output of printed books skyrocketed into the hundreds of […]

31 May 2016

Client Highlight: Houston’s Space City Comic Con

Did you attend the Space City Comic Con in Houston, Texas? If so, chances are you grabbed a program or celebrity autograph card that was printed at the best price. Why was it printed at a great price? Because our client had our printing brokerage firm handle their printing needs. Galactica Print worked closely with our partner Adversavvy, a digital advertising agency in Houston, to layout and print a stellar product for the convention. You can see the images in the […]