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20 Jan 2017

The Miracle of Printing

For thousands of years prior to the invention of the printing press, all works of writing could only be copied by hand or by inefficient forms of block printing, time-consuming and very expensive for the common people. The printing press dramatically reduced the time and expense of copying works, and paved the way for the “downloading” of knowledge. Johan Gutenberg receives credit for creating the first printing press in 1450, and output of printed books skyrocketed into the hundreds of […]

21 Jul 2016

Why You Should Create A T-Shirt For Your Business

Many small business owners know the importance of marketing. In fact, many throw large amounts of money at advertising hoping that consumers will hear and notice the products or services they are offering. Marketing budgets can be spent quickly on newspaper ads, magazine ads, and TV commercials. While these types of marketing tactics can pay off it is important to realize that using them may not always be the best solution. Sometimes it pays to think small before thinking big. […]